Monday 6 January 2014

About me

Basically I am a big foodie and tasting various cuisines is my passion and at the same time trying those at home is another biggest passion of mine. I did not know that from where this came out in me.
I am born an bought up in Northern part of India (Very well known for its mouthwatering cuisines). I worked for 4 years in the marketing team of Health Industry. But unfortunately I had to leave my work as we relocated from India to London. But this was not the end......
I was a working woman and immediately sitting at home with no work no kids was a big challenge for me. I always put my heart into cooking even for a simple dish hence my husband showed his trust in me and encouraged me for starting up with a cookery channel on YouTube. So we rolled up our camera and laptop and the journey began.
We shot a couple of videos and finally the third one was done professionally. We launched it on YouTube and the response was great. Then I came in contact with various food groups and got an idea for writing a blog. This is the best part as I love interacting with people I am sure I will be learning a lot by meeting so many of you with huge calibre. This blog has become the means for me to express my love towards food and grow by continuous learning. 

About the blog :
You will find various recipes on my blog. I am not confined to any particular cuisines. Rather I will try various cuisines from across the globe in my kitchen and then will try to post an easy recipe (with no compromise in the taste) on this blog. You will also find basic recipes of day to day life for the beginners. Most of us try out a dish which we tasted in some of the restaurant. Hence you will also find restaurant/dhabha style food.
You are always welcome with new suggestions/feedback or any of the recipe request, I will try my best to cope up with your requirements.
So all the food lovers keep reading n watching new recipe videos posted every week. Cooking tips, ideas and much more!!!!!!!!!!

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