Friday 1 August 2014

Mango Kalakand (Quick recipe)

Hello everyone, Rakshabandhan is round the corner, so lets prepare some homemade sweets for our brothers and take lot many gifts from them :)))) 

Kalakand is a very well know sweet by all of us. If we are going to follow the authentic recipe, it will take lots of time, but I have got you all a very easy, simple and quick recipe. I have flavoured it with mangoes and hence it will be Mango Kalakand. You can flavour it with only Cardamom or Kesar or may be strawberries or why not pineapple? Various options for you, only the basic recipe will be same. So lets quickly run through the ingredients following the method :)

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Ingredients :
Method :
  • In a heavy bottom pan heat mango pulp for a 3-4 minutes. Once started reducing, add condensed milk and paneer and mix well. 
  • Cook it unless the water content is reduced and it starts leaving sides of the pan. Please refer video for the perfect consistency.
  • Once done, add cardamom powder, mix and take it out on a greased plate or a board.
  • Try to form a 1/2" log, apply the pistachios and let it completely cool.
  • Once cooled, cut it into desired shape and serve :)
Enjoy and have fun :)
Happy Rakshabandhan

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Thanks and Enjoy cooking
Priyanka :)


  1. it looks like a yummy snack!

  2. Yum, have never tried the mango version but I love kayak and. Will try this one now.

  3. Very well explained Priyanka.. will try it sometime.

  4. Priyanka, Can we use the store bought paneer for this recipe?

  5. Hi Priyanka. Kalakand looks yummy! How many pieces (of the size in the pictures) can i get from this recipe?

    1. I got 12 of them, if you want little big pieces then make 9 :)

  6. Amazing priyanka.. I really fail to understand how do you do such magic with food... Lovely...:)


  7. Kalakand luks colorful and inviting

  8. Just tried this today and it's come out perfect as shown in your pics.. Thanks for sharing such detailed step by step video :)

  9. Tried this today and everyone loved it so much. Thanks for this colorful, easy and yummy sweet.

  10. It looks delicious.. Did U use fresh mango pulp? If I use canned mango pulp, do I need to reduce condensed milk n if yes what's d quantity

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  12. I really like what you describe, good to know such things.